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How am I supposed to flush this with my foot?! Come on designers....

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I had a conversation that really bothered me to my core. For us, music isn't political. I don't like to drag myself through the drama and politics of everything that happens in the world. Music is an escape. Music is fun. We sing what we believe, and we play about our experiences. I don't want a political debate. This isn't about that. This is just my story:

I recently had someone, out of the blue, tell me that they had been thinking about it and would understand if I wanted them to skip out on my shows because of their sexual orientation. They didn't want someone to not be a fan of me because they disagreed with a relationship of one of my "fans". They wanted to protect me. Agree or disagree with their lifestyle, I told them one thing:

I love you. My music is for everyone. If someone isn't a fan of me because of their judgmental view, then so be it. I would rather be surrounded with ten genuine people who care about me than one million who only support me conditionally. Every time we (Zach Coffey & The Grind) take the stage we strive to let everyone know how passionate we are about people. Even if you hate our music, we want you to leave thinking "that was a really great group of guys."

I truly believe that music is only as good as what's inside the person playing it. I hope everyone knows that's the case for us and that it shows from the stage and in our interactions off the stage. We love each and every one of you. Thank you for being a fan and supporter of this music, but most importantly...thank you for being our friend.
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Zach Coffey

Vocals / Guitar

Andrew Ramirez

Lead Guitar

Ian Hockett

Bass / Background Vocals


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